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APRIL 2015 General Conference Talks

Week Talk and Link
Apr 20,2015 Filling Our Homes with Light and Truth and Defenders of the Family Proclamation
Apr 27,2015 The Family is Ordained of God- video and The Family is of God and Be Fruitful, Multiply, and Subdue the Earth
May 4,2015 The Comforter
May 11,2015 Why Marriage and Family Matter- Everywhere in the World and Why Marriage, Why Family and The Plan of Happiness
May 18,2015 The Music of the Gospel.
May 25,2015 Is Not This the Fast That I Have Chosen? and The Sabbath is a Delight
Jun 1,2015  The Priesthood- A Sacred Gift and Priesthood and Personal Prayer
Jun 8,2015 We'll Ascend Together
Jun 15,2015 The Parable of the Sower
Jun 22,2015 Choose to Believe
Jun 29,2014 Therefore They Hushed Their Fears
July 6,2015 Latter-day Saints Keep on Trying
July 13,2015 Truly Good and Without Guile and Waiting for the Prodigal
July 20,2015 The Lord is My Light and Thy Kingdom Come
July 27,2015 The Greatest Generation of Young Adults
Aug 3,2015 Yes, We Can and Will Win! and Fatherhood- Our Eternal Destiny
Aug 10,2015 Is It Still Wonderful to You? and Returning to Faith
Aug 17,2015 The Eternal Perspective of the Gospel and If You Will Be Responsible
Aug 24,2015 On Being Genuine and Seeking the Lord
Aug 31,2015 Stay by the Tree
Sept 7,2015 Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet
Sept 14,2015 The Gift of Grace
Sept 21,2015 Preserving Agency, Protecting Religious Freedom
Sept 28,2015 Blessings of the Temple

APRIL 2014 General Conference Talks

Week Talk and Link
Apr 20,2014 Christ the Redeemer and The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Apr 27,2014 Welcome to Conference and Until We Meet Again
May 4,2014 Where Your Treasure Is
May 11,2014 If Ye Lack Wisdom
May 18,2014 Keeping Covenants Protects, Prepares, Empowers and Obedience Thru Our Faithfulness
May 25,2014 Grateful in Any Circumstances
Jun 1,2014 The Cost & Blessings of Discipleship and Joyful Burden of Discipleship
Jun 8,2014 Protection from Pornography-Christ-Centered Home
Jun 15,2014 Spiritual Whirlwinds and Let's Not Take the Wrong Way
Jun 22,2014 Keys and Authority of the Priesthood
Jun 29,2014 Roots and Branches
July 6,2014 Let Your Faith Show and I Have Given You an Example
July 13,2014 A Priceless Heritage of Hope
July 20,2014 If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments and Live True to the Faith
July 27,2014 What Are You Thinking?
Aug 3,2014 Following Up
Aug 10,2014 The Prophet Joseph Smith and The Witness
Aug 17,2014 What Manner of Men
Aug 24,2014 Your Four Minutes and The Choice Generation
Aug 31,2014 Are You Sleeping Through the Restoration and Wanted:Hands&Hearts to Hasten the Work
Sep 7,2014 Sisterhood and The Priesthood Man
Sep 14,2014 Be Strong and of a Good Courage and Fear Not; I Am With Thee
Sep 21,2014 Daughters in the Covenant
Sep 28,2014 Bear Up Their Burdens With Ease and Love- The Essence of the Gospel

OCTOBER 2013 General Conference Talks

Week Talk and Link
Nov 4,2013 Welcome to Conference and General Conference: Strengthening Faith & Testimony
Nov 11,2013 Do We Know What We Have? and Claim the Blessings of Your Convenants
Nov 18,2013 Look Ahead & Believe and Look Up
Nov 25,2013 The Windows of Heaven and No Other Gods and Doctrines&Principles of Articles of Faith
Dec 2,2013 Come Join With Us and Ye Are No More Strangers
Dec 9,2013 The Keys to Spiritual Protection
Dec 16,2013 Moral Force of Women and Power in the Priesthood
Dec 23,2013 Hastening the Lord's Game Plan!
Dec 30,2013 Small&Simply Things and We Have Great Reason to Rejoice
Jan 6,2014 Wilt Thou Be Made Whole? and Personal Strength Through the Atonement
Jan 13,2014 Like a Broken Vessel
Jan 20,2014 Put Your Trust in the Lord and Called of Him to Declare
Jan 27,2014 You Can Do It Now!
Feb 3,2014 Bind Up Their Wounds and True Shepherds
Feb 10,2014 To My Grandchildren
Feb 17,2014 Be Ye Converted and The Strength to Endure
Feb 24,2014 I Will Not Fail Thee and We Never Walk Alone
Mar 3,2014 The Lamentations of Jeremiah and Drawing Closer to God and Power, Joy, Love of Covenant Keeping
Mar 10,2014 Teaching with the Power&Authority of God
Mar 17,2014 Decisions for Eternity and Continually Holding Fast
Mar 31,2014 Be Meek & Lowly of Heart and Til We Meet Again

APRIL 2012 General Conference Talks

Week Talk and Link
June 4,2012 As We Gather Once Again and As We Close This Conference
June 11,2012 A Little Child Shall Lead Them and On Principles of Righteousness
June 18,2012 Converted to His Gospel and The Doctrine of Christ
June 25,2012 Sacrifice and Coming to Ourselves
July 2,2012 Teaching Children to Understand and He Truly Loves Us
July 9,2012 Mountains to Climb
July 16,2012 Single Parents and Families Under Covenant
July 23,2012 Laborers in the Vineyard
July 30,2012 Abide in the Lord's Territory
Aug 6,2012 Powers of Heaven and Aaronic Priesthood
Aug 13,2012 The Music of Faith
Aug 20,2012 Rescue for Real Growth and That the Lost May Be Found
Aug 27,2012 Revelation and Inspiration for Personal Life
Sept 3,2012 Why of Priesthood Service and Willing & Worthy to Serve
Sept 10,2012 Thanks Be To God
Sept 17,2012 The Race of Life
Sept 24,2012 Relief Society
Oct 1,2012 The Power of Deliverance
Oct 8,2012 The Merciful Obtain Mercy and Special Lessons
Oct 15,2012 Having the Vision to Do and What Thinks Christ of Me?
Oct 22,2012 Arise and Shine Forth and Believe, Obey, Endure
Oct 29,2012 To Hold Sacred
Nov 5,2012 Was It Worth It?
Nov 12,2012 Seek Learning
Nov 19,2012 Now Is The Time To Arise