Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Obtain Revelation and Inspiration For Your Personal Life

I'm a little late in getting this published. Sorry, but I'm sure you can all relate to a busy First Day of School.

This is a great lesson to go over as the new school year begins.  Especially for older kids.  I know Chris found a lot from this lesson when we went over it a few weeks back.  There is so much to learn from this talk that you can apply to studying for tests, getting along with friends, and sharing the gospel with those around you.
I love how he still feels his wife, Jeannene.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Rescue for Real Growth and Lost May Be Found

This was an inspiring talk by a member of the (recently released) Presiding Bishopric, Bishop Edgley. I could probably do more to help reactivate members in our ward.
One of the most meaningful and important ways to establish real growth in the Church is to reach out and rescue those who have been baptized yet are wandering in a less-active state, void of the blessings and saving ordinances."
I loved the story about the WW II rescue of US soldiers and locals who were held captive in a prison camp.

After the volunteers were assembled, the commanding officer instructed them somethinge like this: 'This evening you men meet with your religious leaders, you kneel down, and you swear to God that as long as you have a single breath of life, you will not let one of these men suffer one more moment.'"

I seem to be saying over and over again how each talk was so good, all of them were. I liked Elder Ballard's talk, too. :)
Today we live in a time when so much of this world has lost its way, particularly with regard to values and priorities within our homes...It is our homes and families that need reforming in this increasingly materialistic and secular world... When people make family and religious commitments to gospel principles, they begin to do better spiritually and often temportally as well...when families work and play together, neighborhoods and communities flourish, economies improve, and less government and fewer costly safety nets are required."

Monday, August 13, 2012

In Tune with the Music of Faith

As someone who loves music and has learned over the years the great power music has both physically and spiritually, I loved this talk. Elder Cook is becoming another favorite of mine. The musical imagery in this talk was fabulous! He uses this "music of faith" imagery from a speech given by Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks of England.
"there are those who are in tune with the music of faith. You know who you are. You love the Lord and His gospel and continuously try to live and share His message, especially with your families. You are in harmony with the promptings of the Spirit, have awakened to the power of God's words, have religious observance in your homes, and diligently try to live Christlike lives as His disciples."

Monday, August 6, 2012

Powers of Heaven and the Aaronic Priesthood

Elder Bednar shared this story before, right, about his Dad and the question he asked each week about him being baptized.  This was a good talk and I learned much about it and also thanked my Heavenly Father that I had a good Priesthood Holder in my home, two now.
A lot of times at work gatherings I will be told of how much the agents and staff appreciate Gabriel's example and his counsel.  There have been several times where staff members will tell me they were thankful for the insight and advice they were given by Gabriel.  Gabriel is very different from other Detachment Commanders and it is because he holds the priesthood, even if those who work for him don't know exactly what it is that sets him apart.
"I believe my father was wrong to judge the validity of our Church's claim to divine authority by the shortcomings of the men with whom is associated in our ward. But embedded in his question to me was a correct assumption that men who bear God's holy priesthood should be different from other men. Men who hold the priesthood are not inherently better than other men, but they should act differently."

Chris had an experience in his Teachers Quorum recently. He was the quorum president until about a month ago and while serving in this assignment, one Sunday as he was teaching he felt inspired to challenge the members of his quorum to hand out books of mormon to their friends at school.  One teacher, Foster, was having a hard time finding someone he felt would benefit, so at the last minute he put a couple in his back pack and while in the locker room after gym class asked the guys if anyone wanted a Book of Mormon.  Not the best approach, but there were a couple who took the 2 he had.  There was another boy who wanted one, but Foster was all out and promised to bring one the next day.  He did and this boy took it home.  
After a month or so, Chris and Foster hear about this young man in Seminary one morning where it was announced that this boy was going to be baptized and that everyone was invited to attend. There are about 6 wards that are zoned for the same high school, and this young man was taught in another ward so we hadn't heard what had come of the book of mormon invitation.  Chris and Foster were so excited.  Gabriel and I took Chris, Foster went with his mom, to the baptism of this young man and his mother!!  The spirit was so strong.  This mother, as she entered the water was so overcome with joy that there wasn't a dry eye in the whole room!  You could feel her love for the gospel and her Savior.  Afterward, Chris and Foster went up to present this young man with a scripture quad with his name on it.  Foster was the first to give him a missionary book of mormon and wanted to be the first to give him his real set.  They had gotten one for his mother as well.  (Very cool!)  When this mother found out who Chris and Foster were, and that they were the catalyst in their conversion, she was so overcome with gratitude!  Through tears she expressed her thanks for the boys' courage to share the gospel, as daunting as it can be for teenage boys.

It was an experience I think neither Chris or Foster, or us as parents will ever forget. As I read this talk by Elder Ochoa again, I was struck by the following:
"If only [every Aaronic Priesthood holder]could understand that they have the sacred duty to help their friends find the pathway that leads to the Savior.  If only they knew that Heavenly Father will given them the power to explain the truths of the restored gospel with such clarity and sincerity that others will fell the undeniable truthfulness of the words of Christ."\
"You are called to 'arise and sine forth' not to hide your light in darkness. Only those who are brave will be counted among the chosen."