Friday, June 6, 2014

The Joyful Burden of Discipleship

I used Elder Rasband's talk in FHE this week.  It was excellent!

Elder Rasband gave us a gentle reminder of what it means to sustain our leaders and to help ease their burdens. To be the Lord's hands to life and strengthen those around us.
"To sustain our leaders is a privilege; it comes coupled with a personal responsibility to share their burden and to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ
"We are the Lord's hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children.  He is dependent upon each of us..."
 I talked with the kids in FHE about the title and what it means to have a burden be joyful.  They are such good kids! My 11yr old readily explained how serving others and the Lord is something that makes you happy!
"Focusing on serving our brothers and sisters can guide us to male divine decisions in our daily lives and prepares us to value and love what the Lord loves.. When we are engaged in His work, we feel His Spirit with us. We grow in testimony, faith, trust, and love."


  1. President James E Faust at October General Conference in 2008 stated: " One of the greatest blessings of life and eternity is to be counted as one of the devoted disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ."

  2. President Dieter F Uchtdorf stated at Conference of April 2009: " When we hear thr transcendent truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ, hope and faith begin to blossom inside of us. The more we fill our hearts and minds with the message of the risen Christ, the greater our desire is to follow Him and live His teachings. This in turn, causes our faith to grow and allows the light of Christ to illuminate our hearts. Asti does we recognize the imperfections in our life and we desire to be cleansed of the depressing burdens of sin. We yearn for freedom from guilt and this inspires us to repent."

  3. President Dieter F Uchtdorf continued: " To uphold us in the desire to lead a purified and holy life, we are endowed with the baptism of fire - the unspeakable gift of the Holy Ghost, a heavenly Comforter who accompanies and guides us as we walk in the path of righteousness. The more we are filled with the Spirit of God, the more we extend ourselves to others. We become peacemakers in our homes and families, we help our fellowmen everywhere, and we reach out in merciful acts of kindness, forgiveness, grace and long suffering patience. These are the first steps along the true way of life and fulfillment. This is the peaceful way of the followers of Jesus Christ."

  4. President James E Faust at October Conference of 2006 explained: " What is a disciple? It is primarily obedience to the Savior. Discipleship includes many things. It is chastity. It is tithing. It is Family Home Evening. It is keeping all the commandments. It is forsaking anything that is not good for us. Everything in life has a price. Considering the Savior's great promise for peace in this life and eternal life in the life to come, discipleship is a price worth paying. It is a price we cannot afford to pay. By measure, the requirements of discipleship are much much less than the promised blessings. True followers of the Savior should be prepared to lay down their lives and some have had that priviledged to do so. For most of us, however, what is required is not to do so, but to live for Christ. For many living a Christlike life everyday may be even more difficult than laying down one's life."