Monday, September 29, 2014

Sisterhood and The Priesthood Man

These talks were great and although you'd think they were separate gender talks, they actually go hand in hand.

Sis Linda Reeves recently quoted from Pres Eyring's talk and wrote in the Church News, "Each of you will be a model of a priesthood man [or woman], whether you want to be or not. You become a lighted candle when you accepted... priesthood [covenants].


  1. I love singing the hymn #309, it is one of my favorite, As Sisters of Zion. As I do I feel a connection to something great, a worldwide sisterhood who make the world a better place in small acts of kindness and service. I am grateful to be a member of Relief Society.

  2. President Boyd K Packer spoke in Oct of 1980 of visiting a small branch of sisters. In that evening, I stood for a moment in that circle (of sisters), and felt the impulses of faith and courge and love coming and going on either side. I feel that here tonight, as I stand for a brief moment I your circle. Each sister, no matter where in that circle she stands, can look to either side and feel the spirit of inspiration coming back as she extends the gentle hand of charity to those on either side.